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Top 7 Interview Tips to Help You Leave a Great Impression

Top 7 Interview Tips to Help You Leave a Great Impression

Do you have an interview coming up? If so, let’s make sure you leave an impression! We all understand how nerve wracking this process can be, so our team compiled a list of tips and tricks just for you! These interview tips are sure to turn your work opportunities into offers!

Check out these Top 7 Interview Tips to help you ace that interview! 

1. Tailor your Resume & Cover Letter

When a recruiter or hiring manager is reviewing your resume, they’re scanning for the best possible match for the available role. Tailor your resume to highlight experience applicable to the role you’re applying for to immediately stand out. Steer clear of generic cover letters. Don’t make someone dig to get to the good part, lead with your best foot forward!

Resume and Cover Letter Tip Graphic
Do your Research Tip Graphic

2. Do Your Research

When a candidate comes in already armed with knowledge and questions about the company, it always leaves a great impression. It shows the interviewer that the candidate has prepared and is taking the opportunity seriously. It also shows that the candidate is interested and truly cares about the company and position.

3. If Something has Changed, Be Honest

Sometimes things can change, that’s just a part of life. If your interest in the role has changed or something comes up that will affect your attendance, reach out and let your interviewer know. A lot of time and effort goes into the hiring process for recruiters and hiring managers, and people will remember if you did not show up for an interview without notice. Taking the time to let the company know that you are no longer interested or that there was an emergency is a great way to move on/ continue without burning a bridge. 

Always Be Honest Tip Graphic
Dress to Impress Tip Graphic

4. Dress to Impress!

No matter if you are interviewing for an entry-level position or a management role, your appearance is the first thing your interviewer notices. Dressing well for an interview shows that your interest in the position is serious and ups your chances of being hired! When one conducts an interview, along with assessing the conversation and experience of a candidate, they are looking for someone who is going to be a great representative for their company. A candidate that arrives unkempt to an interview gives a bad impression initially and immediately reduces their chance of being hired.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Everyone loves it when candidates ask questions about their company culture as well as specifics about the role for which they are interviewing. The interviewer enjoys the chance to talk about the company and get a candidate excited about working with them. Asking role-specific questions also shows that a candidate knows what position they are applying for and is taking the time to make an informed decision in the event they are offered the position.

Ask Questions Tip Graphic
Stay Focused and Engaged Tip Graphic

6. Stay Focused and Visibly Engaged

During your interview, it is very important that you stay engaged in conversation with the interviewer(s). The more focused and engaged you are during the process makes for a smooth interview as well as shows how important the job is to you. You want to leave the impression that you care and are excited about the opportunity. No one wants to hire someone who seems uninterested! 

7. Thank Interviewer(s) in Person and By Email

As you have probably noticed, politeness, kindness, and engagement go a long way in the interview process. Why not end it that way too? We suggest to always thank your interviewer(s) for their time and consideration after the fact to show your appreciation. It takes a lot of time and planning for hiring managers, so they will appreciate the thought and consideration. Always thank each person after the interview is complete and then make sure to send a follow-up “thank you” email as well. Bonus points if you remember their names as well as touch on something discussed within the interview! This not only shows how excited you are for the opportunity but also keeps your name front and center. 

Thank Your Interviewers Tip Graphic
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From Chai Teas to Director of Training

Follow Brittany Park’s Career with BRH

If you had told Brittany Park in 2012 where she’d be in just six years, she would’ve probably looked at you like you were crazy. You see, in the summer of 2012, Brittany applied at the Starbucks at Breakers Resort to work as a Barista. Now, she juggles much more than coffee orders as the Director of Training for all of Brittain Resorts & Hotels.

Originally from Alexandria, Virginia, this Socastee High School graduate and former Coastal Carolina University student has called the Grand Strand home for more than a decade. Since that initial application for barista, Brittany has made more than eight vertical moves up through the ranks of the Brittain Resorts & Hotel family of properties.


Brittany is a living, breathing example of just how much weight Brittain Resorts & Hotels places on promoting from within. From Barista to Assistant Manager of the on-site creamery, and from Guest Service Representative to Evening Manager, and then from Resort Manager to Director of Training (and everything in between), Brittany recognizes the importance of fluidity in a career path. She also has a lot of insight on what it takes to work for this organization.

“I have a unique outlook of what works, what’s redundant, what works for one property that may not work for another,” says Brittany. “I also have a whole new perspective on how to manage people now. If you’d asked me a year ago where I thought I’d be, I would’ve probably said a General Manager of a Brittain Resorts & Hotel property. But this is a newly created position, and I feel like there’s just so much opportunity to grow — there’s a lot of potential in this job.”


“The training for my first job here was a very welcoming experience. I learned all of the recipes, but I also really learned first and foremost how we are expected to treat guests,” says Brittany.

Obviously, the nature of her position now gives her even more of an appreciation for the training here.

“As a whole, we want to give our new associates the resources and information that they need and deserve to succeed. We are, after all, here because of our guests — they are the reason why we come to work each day— so the training here is really emphasizing that high quality of service. And if we aren’t giving our associates the information and training they need to succeed at quality service, how can our guests expect that?”


There are many perks to being an associate here, and working in such close proximity to the beach is just one of them!

“We get great associate rates on the [hotel] rooms. That comes especially handy around the winter holidays, because there’s always some family in town and needing a place to stay,” says Brittany.

“Our 401(k) plan is also awesome — the company matches dollar for dollar up to 3% and .50 on the dollar for the following contributions up to 5%. That’s not something you always see in this industry and something I really appreciate as I plan long-term.”


Beyond the benefits that keep the company competitive as an employer, Brittain Resorts & Hotels stands apart in other ways.

“It feels like a family — when you work here, you are part of the Brittain family. It’s truly a feeling that I’ve never felt working anywhere else. We have team parties, manager outings and other little celebrations — especially after the busy season.”

This industry can get chaotic, and accommodating some guests has its challenges, so being treated well in the day-to-day work is crucial to employee success and happiness. And according to Brittany, that’s also what makes it so fun.

“Every day is different, so it’s an appealing way to look at life. Each day is new.”


To prospective applicants looking to join the Brittain Resorts & Hotel team, Brittany shares a word to the wise: Be yourself.

“The most successful people here are just themselves. Right off the bat, they’re not intimidated by us in the interview. It can be nerve-racking, but if you come in and smoothly handle an interview, we know you can handle any guests’ requests.”

Brittany says that outstanding communication is an absolute must to succeed in this environment, as well. And that includes communicating that you truly want to work for this team.

“If you don’t get the position you’d ideally want, keep reaching out. Just continue to try, and consider starting in another position with the knowledge that you can progress. That’s what has worked for many of us, including myself”

Who knows? You could start as a Barista and wind up as a department director.
Embark on a new opportunity today and kick-start a career that soars! View all available positions with Brittain Resorts & Hotel HERE.